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The story centers on a young peasant who has been plagued with apocalyptic dreams for weeks prior to the beginning of the story. His or her latest dream, shown in the opening cinematic, features a mysterious voice which reveals not only that the protagonist's world has undergone countless reincarnations in the past and is fated to continue the cycle of correction, destruction, and rebirth until “true enlightenment” is achieved, but also that the main character him- or herself has been tasked by the Powers-That-Be to deem the people, places, and things of the current world worthy (or unworthy) of being carried over into the next after the fiery purge.

This voice is, in fact, that of a magical sentient record book called the Book of Prophecy. Taking this tome, the newly-appointed Chosen One sets out to find and befriend four guiding elemental Book Spirits who take residence in the Book, throughout the journey learning about a hidden apocalypse-hastening plot playing out beneath a shallow political feud with the neighboring kingdom. 

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