Book of Prophecy
Book of prophecy
An image of the Book of Prophecy
Vital statistics
Type Book
Effects Collects Information to Remake the World
Source Magical Selection
Cost to buy can't be bought
Cost to sell can't be sold

The Book of Prophecy is the key to rebuilding a corrupt world. At the start of the game, the hero or heroine has a dream under a ruin in which the book explains its purpose and tells you what to do. All of the book pages are blank when you find it and to gather more pages, you must collect tablets or scan objects. Every object that can be interacted with has a code. The Book of Prophecy is hunted by many groups and requires four spirits to use its full power. Each spirit is bound in some way to the book to restrict its power. No one but its own and special individuals can see the book, its pages, or its spirits.
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The Book of Prophecy as seen as in the logo of the game


The Book of Prophecy acts as an encyclopedia of the world. You must scan people, Monsters, Tablets, or items in order to get information about it, such as a person's aspirations and favorite presents, a monster's abilities, a tablet's recipe, and an item's effects. Scanning an object will also allow you to view the scanee's 'Mental Map', a grid with the properties of the object stored in it as code. This grid starts as a 3x3 square, but later, when the book levels up, will become a 3x4 grid, then after that a 4x4 grid.

Leveling upEdit

As you scan objects and enter areas pages will be added to the book. Each page will have a value, which can be increased by interacting with the object shown in the page, such as talking to people, fighting mosnters and exploring maps. The values of all the pages in the book are added together to make up the book's total value, which can be found on the back cover of the book(page after the save/load page), or the 1491st page. once the book's total value reaches certain levels, the book will level up, and will show the user Future Visions, and sometimes increasing the power of spirit magic or increasing the size of the mental map.


The Book of Prophecy only appears when the world is ready to end. it is up to its keeper to put in its pages that which should create the new world. The pages contain not only recipes and characters, but questions to shape that new world such as the sky and its people.


The Book of Prophecy not only records the present, but as it levels up, it learns the future and informs you of it.

The cover of the Book of Prophecy is actually a collection of puzzle pieces covereing a demonic looking set of eyes.

The only thing not bound on the spirits of the book is their main body.