Cross of world

In game description:

"Just outside Rhoan, you'll find the "Crossroads of the World." Xenobart named it long ago, and it stuck. As is implied it leads to many parts of the world. After war broke out with the Waisen Empire, a formal naming cermony was held to emphasixe Rhoan being at the center of the world."

List of things to be explored:

East path looking up - "A wide and vast forest spreads.
Sign in between two guards - "(Up arrow) To Rhoan (Left arrow) to Fields"
West path looking up - "Most Rhoan trees are hard and used for buildings."
Reward from completing - None

In the beginning of the game there are two soldiers which can be scanned for Royal Soldier with Justice x4

Adjacent areas.

East - Grana Plains 4
North - Rhoan Town Town entrance
West - Weld River