Family Byron (Father)
Lena (Mother)
Helen (Grandmother)
Seiyū Mai Nakahara

Page DescriptionEdit

Locked Code:

A girl with an incurable disease, who is unable to leave her room. She's kind and always polite to people. Her father died 5 years ago, followed by her mom. She now lives with her grandmother Helen. Despite her unfortunate circumstances, she still focuses on how she can help others in the time she has left, so she sends dolls to needy orphans in the world. This is because the only thing her mother left her as a child was a doll.

Unlocked Code:

A girl who had an incurable disease. Faith in her father and the Book cured her. Thankful to be alive, she makes and sends dolls for needy orphans as she always has. This is because the only thing her mother left her as a child was a doll. She lives together with her grandmother Helen.


She has light brown, shoulder-length hair which curl outwards at the end. Fana has dark blue-grey eyes. She wears a dress that resembles a garb of Norway and wears a yellow cloth over her shoulders.Her dress is a dark red with white ruffles and an apron. She wears a pink blouse underneath exposing the sleeves only.The top part of her dress is designed in a checker pattern.She has a high neck dress with a bow and ruffles.Her shoes are plain unlike her clothing.


Fana is kind, nice and good-hearted. She is polite, thankful and very fragile. She stays true to her friends and helps where she can. All in all, she is a pure, sick girl with hope and belief. Her greatest hobby is to make dolls, but she also loves to read about travel and daydream about the outside.

Relations and relationshipsEdit

A number of letters found on the protagonist's bedside wall indicate a lengthy relationship carried by at least semifrequent correspondence and occasional visits. It is unknown to what extent Fana is aware of the player character's close relationship with Rex, or how friendly she is with her similarly upper-crust neighbors Kamui and the moneymaking twins.

Starting CodesEdit

SHDW x3, HOPE x2, FATE x1, Locked Illness x1




Ribbon, regular bread, Antique Doll, Golden Cookie, Cookie, Doll,

Thank you!

That again?

Uh, haha... Thanks.



Hair decorations, wings, bread, candy, dolls, Hope Pod, 


Weapons, meat, headbands

Favorite flower/meaning:

Happy news (Hope Pod)

Least favorite flower/meaning:

Ill intent (Shadowsol)


"Creative Girl Fana"

Voiced LinesEdit

Greeting Statements:

  • Hello.

Gift Statements:

  • Love: Can I really have it? Oh, thank you!
  • Like: Aaa, heh heh (laugh/voice) Huh? For me? But, um ... Well, thank you. I appreciate it but it's a little embarrassing.
  • Hate: Uh, ha ha ... Thanks.
  • Repeat Gift: That again?


Rewards: Stuffed Animal, Hope Pod

Meet FanaEdit

  • Starts Chapter 1
  • Walk into Fana's House 2F
  • Fana will be sitting in the bed

Orphanage letterEdit

  • Give Fana a few gifts, or one loved gift
  • She gets a letter
While talking to Fana, someone will knock on her door. Her grandmother isn't home, so she asks the protagonist to get it for her. While walking downstairs, a royal soldier enters Fana's home. The protagonist brings it upstairs. It reads that some children are healthy again. She tells the protagonist that she doesn't have parents, and that she used to be lonely. Her grandmother told her that many other children feel the same way, so she began to send them stuffed animals that she made herself. They send her letters thanking her, which makes her happy. She then apologizes for talking so much and says they'll talk more another time.

Get Doll Recipe from MeenyaEdit

  • Talk to Meenya, give a few gifts
  • She gives you doll
  • Return and talk to Fana
  • She is making dolls for orphan children
  • She wants you to make one for her
  • She gives you Teddy Bear recipe
  • Make Teddy Bear and give to her

After entering the first floor of Fana's house, Helen will greet the protagonist and tell her that Fana is now very sick. She apparently stayed up all night doing something, so Helen asks the protagonist to talk to her. Talking to Fana, she says that she staye dup all night making something for the children. She doesn't think she can finish it because she's too tired. They can either choose to make it for her or not. 

If they make it for her, she'll give them the recipe for "Stuffed Animal," which can be made with one light, i freedom, and 1 hope. After giving it to her, she is very greatful and says that she can feel their love in it. She says that she'll send it to the children. She seems to feel better again after this. 

Helen at gravesiteEdit

  • Visit Granatum Forest
  • Talk to Helen
  • It is Fana's parents anniversary
  • Helen and Fana usually go to parent's grave
  • Fana is too sick to go this year, you go in her place Helen tells you whole story of how Fana's father went in search of a rare flower to cure Fana, he died and then Fana's mother died, Helen scratched out the name of Fana's father (Byron) on the tombstone to keep it from Fana
  • Fana was listening behind the cemetery wall, she now appears and is upset
  • Fana's health declines and now she is lying in bed instead of sitting up
Entering the house, Helen is talking with Fana. She tells the protagonist that they entered at the perfect time, as it's the anniversary of her mother Lena's death. Lena seems to be too sick to go, so Helen says she was think of going by her self. Fana insists on going, but her grandmother tells her to rest. She asks the protagonist to go in her stead, and put flowers on her gravestone. She tells them to go ahead as she puts Fana to bed.
At the graveyard, Helen thanks the protagonist for meeting her. She says she wants to tell them the real reason her parents died. Fana's illness first struck five years ago. They heard of a flower that would heal her sickness, so her parents went in search of it. The gravestone next to Lena's is Helen's son, Byron. He died while looking for the flower. Helena lied and told Fana that he'd just gone missing, and that Fana could never know, as it would break her.

Fana was actually eavesdropping the whole time and breaks down crying. Helen tells the protagonist that she has to take Fana back home, and apologizes, asking them to come back later.

Entering the house again, Helen tells the protagonist that she was never going to tell Fana. She says that she found out the wrong way and that she now blames herself for her parents death. She asks them to talk to her again.

On the second floor, Fana blames herself and wishes she was never born. She can either be comforted or not say anything. If she is, she'll thank the protagonist.

Talking to Helen, she'll say that the cure is deep in the forest. Her son wanted to go look for it, and though his wife was very against it. She now agrees with Lena, as soon she hear that Byron had been killed by forest monsters. She says that Lena was a strong woman who worked well into the night for her daughter, though it soon became too much and she soon died. Helena now blames herself for Fana being all alone. She swears that she'll stay by her side, she just doesn't want to lose her granddaughter as well. She tells the protagonist not to go to the forest to get it.
  • Beat Kalcazoth Caves Dungeon
  • Meet Rudrud
  • He tells you that there was a man looking for the rare flower and more details
  • Go through Deep Forest and to Big Western Tree
  • Battle Mutated Chimera again
  • Go into the Beast's Lair and find Fana's father's bones and also find the rare flower
  • But the Mutated Chimera destroyed the flower
  • Luckily there is a petal that the father managed to save in a letter (Scan flower)a
Talking to Rudrud, he won't tell the protagonist about the flower at forst, but after an explanation he says that a man came there a long time ago looking for it for his sick daughter but the flower is the forests treasure, so it's not for humans. He turned him away, but he could tell the man was telling the truth, so he told him where it was. Byron left imidiatly and Rudrud tried to follow him, but he lost sight of him until he found his body. He had been killed by the chimera. He took his belongings and possessions back to the village. He says that he believes in the protagonist, as they already beat it once.

Back at the big tree, the Chimera is still alive. Afer defeating it, Mieli will suggest looking for it in the Beast's Lair. She thinks that the flower was destroyed by it, and wonders what to do. She then notices a letter from Byron. It was written after he was attacked and had obtained the flower. He left a petal in it and Mieli restores it, so it can be scanned.

When the protagonist enters their house, Helen will say that she is very sick and probably not make it this time. The protagonist rushes upstairs. Fana thanks them and says that she's in pretty bad shape. She is grateful for them opening up her little world. Helen comes upstairs with a letter from the orphans. Fana says she wishes that she could get better like them.

The protagonist can now heal Fana by surrounding ILL with HOPE. She feels much better suddenly and thanks them for curing her. She says that she used to resent her father for abandoning her mother and her, but she nows realizes that he was a good man, and decides to continue living for them.

Cure FanaEdit

  • You may have enough Hope codes to cure Fana but if you don't then go have the flower identified by Kamui and take off the Hope code (Hope Pod)
  • Fana is really sick now and dying
  • Talk to her and an on-screen statement will tell you to cure her by surrounding her Ill code with Hope codes
  • You only need to have hope codes touching each side (left, right, up, down) any corners left empty or filled is ok. Fana is cured! She now will sit on the edge of the bed.
  • Her code is unlocked! Ill/cure with 4 sides of Hope


  • The clock near her bed is stuck on 4 o'clock. "4" can be pronounced as "Shi" (死) which means "death". It's a hint that Fana is going to die if you don't cure her.
  • Fana clock
    She will be the first character where you can unlock the locked code (by the begining of Chapter 3). Unlocking the locked code will cure her.
  • Different events occur if you cure her or don't cure her:
    • Cured: She lives and will move into the Abandoned
      House with Helen and Kamui after house is destroyed
      If she is loved by player then she gets sucked up
      into a tornado
    • Not Cured: Kamui will confess his love for Fana and
      she will die. Kamui will ask for a Pagoda flower.
      (can still see her in the monolith)
  • Nearly all characters have a link to Norway: Fana is a borough of the city of Bergen
  • fana, Latin plural of fanum, a sacred precinct or shrine. This meaning of her name shows how pure and goodhearted she is.