Scanning blazera

A patch of Blazera being Code Scanned by Tia.

Throughout Avalon Code the player may encounter several Flowers, which are a unique type of object in that they can be Code Scanned, and can provide Codes, but have no Mental Map to modify. Flowers are an integral part of Kamui's affection, as each one must be presented to Kamui in order to retrieve their Codes.

Each flower gains Code Points when initially identified by Kamui, but will not reach their full value until the Code is removed from them.

List of FlowersEdit

Attribute Edit


  • Location: Grana Plains 1
  • Meaning: Passion
  • Code: FIRE 2V
  • It gets its name from its fire-like appearance, making it stand out while blossoming in the field. Very popular among those passionately in love.

Forest DropEdit

  • Found: Granatum Forest 14
  • Meaning: Joy
  • Code: FRST 1
  • Cute red petals blooming amidst the green soothes the viewer's mind. Its sweet nectar is highly sought after in kitchens.

Ice LilyEdit

  • Found: Tornaq Ice Cave 6
  • Meaning: Purity
  • Code: ICE 2V
  • Its icicle-like petals look like they'll break at the slightest touch, making them seem ephemeral. Only blooms in the arctic.


  • Found: Samiad Prison
  • Meaning: Intelligence
  • Code: LTNG 2V
  • This steady flower resembles a flash of lightning. Rather than growing in clusters, it's solitary.


  • Found: Great Spear of Mastema 18
  • Meaning: Honesty
  • Code: LGHT 4S
  • Its large white petals set it apart. It is often found by sunny bodies of water. After a lengthy gestation, it gives off a brilliant shine the moment it blooms that few have witnessed.


  • Found: Relnia Marsh 8
  • Meaning: Ill Intent
  • Code: SHDW 2V
  • Because it resembles an evil face, few like this flower. A midnight wind makes the flower sound like it's cackling.



  • Found: Elevation
  • Meaning: Naive Charm
  • Code: STON 1
  • This beautiful flower glistens purplish red in the morning light. Some like its simplicity, while others find it dull.

Fury PlantEdit

  • Found: Inner Garden
  • Meaning: Bravery
  • Code: IRON 1
  • This drooping plant sways to catch the sun's rays. Its swaying stalk looks like a soldier waving his sword. Those who love battle adore this plant.

Bronze IrisEdit

  • Found: Eastern Desert 13
  • Meaning: Patience
  • Code: COPR 2V
  • Most noted for petals that splay in every direction. It may appear fragile, but its petals are quite sturdy.

Silver AzelEdit

  • Found: Shark's Jaw 3
  • Meaning: Giving you support
  • Code: SLVR 1
  • Its stunning silver petals fall off faster than other flowers, almost as though it's giving itself up for the sake of others.


  • Found: Hidden Meia 3
  • Meaning: Perfection
  • Code: GOLD 1
  • Known for its long stalk and large flowers. How it faces the sun to bloom makes it feel like it's giving off a strong aura.

Stone CutterEdit

  • Found: Wargliss Fortress 2
  • Meaning: A persecuted heart
  • Code: STON 4S
  • Known for its sharp, cleaved petals If given as a gift, it means you want to end the relationship. Unless you're strange, you won't like it as a gift.

Iron OrchidEdit

  • Found: Central Desert 13
  • Meaning: Self-love
  • Code: IRON 2V
  • This controversial flower towers over others by stealing their nutrients.


  • Found: Mount Elious 16
  • Meaning: Rejection
  • Code: COPR 1
  • Shaking its stalk makes its round, fruit-like flowers fly off. Not liked for its bad luck.

Silver CrowEdit

  • Found: Relnia Marsh 11
  • Meaning: Memories
  • Code: SLVR 2V
  • This flower could be found anywhere before, but now they are a rare sight. Legend has it that looking at the flower will revive old memories.

Golden PlantEdit

  • Found: Hidden Meia 14
  • Meaning: A glistening future
  • Code: GOLD 3V
  • This phantom flower only blooms once every hundred years. They say those who gaze upon it will have their dreams come true.


Hero BloomEdit

  • Found: Granatum Forest 4
  • Meaning: Sense of accomplishment
  • Code: JUST 1
  • Blooming deep in the woods, it can take years for it to bear any flowers, thus making it the symbol of an unyielding spirit. It is also the flower Duran wears in his hat.

Dream GrassEdit

  • Found: Tornaq Ice Cave 18
  • Meaning: An open mind
  • Code: FAME 1
  • Its hanging petals grow towards the ground, making it immense. It signifies a forever open mind.

Karma FlowerEdit

  • Found: Underground Lake Avernus 4
  • Meaning: Repetitive thoughts
  • Code: FATE 1
  • While small, its multitude of blossoming flowers make it a sight to behold! When its petals fall, it gives off the sound of fireworks, which can last for hours on end.


  • Found: Ravine of Vulgazzo 3
  • Meaning: Weightlessness
  • Code: FRDM 2V
  • This rapidly growing flower can sometimes reach human height! In some countries, people test their agility by jumping over this plant as part of their training.

Flash GrasEdit

  • Found: Hidden Meia Prison
  • Meaning: A sudden flash
  • Code: WSDM 1
  • This flesh-eating plant gives off a scent to lure its insect prey. Looking at its strange shape can give inspiration!

Hope PodEdit

  • Found: Beast's Lair during Fana's Sidequest
  • Meaning: Happy News
  • Code: HOPE 1
  • This flower is said to hail the start of spring! When it blossoms, the snow melts and the flowers begin to bud.


  • Found: Central Desert 2
  • Meaning: Remaining time
  • Code: ILL 1
  • Compared to its leaves, its petals are small. Its slowly falling petals represent the fate of all life.

Purse PlantEdit

  • Found: Fortune Teller's alley
  • Meaning: Control
  • Code: WLTH 2V
  • A flower with a large stalk like a fruit. This luscious, nourishing plant is grown as food in Kaleila. It signifies wealth and is a symbol for riches and abundance.


Angel WingsEdit

  • Found: Hunter's Trail 6
  • Meaning: An adventurous spirit
  • Code: BIRD 1
  • This flower gets its name from resembling a bird in flight. Its seeds are carried by the wind, thus truly making it look like a bird.

Howl GrassEdit

  • Found:Training Hall Road
  • Meaning: Flattery
  • Code: DOG 4S
  • This plant is often found in warmer regions. Some people can't get enough of its soft petals. It can sound like barking when blowing in the wind.

Cat FlowerEdit

  • Found: Deep Forest 3
  • Meaning: Moodiness
  • Code: CAT 1
  • Gives off a catnip smell. You'll often find cats nearby that have been drawn to its scent. Sometimes it will attach its seeds to the cat's fur to be distributed around.

Scaled GrassEdit

  • Found: Grana Plains 3
  • Meaning: Going with the flow
  • Code: FISH 1
  • It derives its name from the scale-like flowers that cover its long stalk. It's popular with those who live their lives going with the current.

Jaja FlowerEdit

  • Found: Central Desert 3
  • Meaning: Tenacity
  • Code: SNKE 1
  • It weakens and preys on any living thing nearby with its poison. Non-threatening for humans, and popular with those with an unspeakable past.

Bug TreeEdit

  • Found: Western Desert 17
  • Meaning: Comradery
  • Code: BUG 1
  • A tall plant with large flowers. When in bloom, scores of bugs come to drink its nectar. It is a favorite among people who enjoy the company of others.