"A male Elf. He may not look it but he's over 600 years old! Unlike most Elves, he approves of humans, and serves as Rhoan's mayor."

—Book of Prophecy


Beginning History:

A male Elf. He may not look it but he's over 600 years old! Unlike most Elves, he approves of humans, and serves as Rhoan's mayor.

Changes per action/storyline:

He's intelligent and can get full of himself. Still, he loves Rhoan and will do anything if it means protecting it.

Ending History:

He once loved a human woman named Rhoan, who built the town of Rhoan that we know today. She wound up marrying the human king right in front of Georg. Time passed and as the human generations changed, he fell in love with her great-granddaughter. Sylphy was born from their relationship, but she was raised as an elf.


Georg is an intelligent elf, but he accepts humans nonetheless. He is the mayor of Rhoan and was once in love with a human named Rhoan, who built the town. She married the king of that time and Georg married her great-granddaughter Serena. Sylphy's their only child.


Georg has grey-blond hair and golden eyes and also wears glasses. He's wearing a red cloak and a black garment as well as brown boots.


Although Georg is an elf, he loves humans and the town Rhoan. He would do anything to protect it. Georg is very intelligent and can get conceited sometimes.


Starts with Light x3, Justice x2, Wealth x2, Freedom x2


Katana, swords, shields, cake, elf tears

Georg in-game

Broadswords, hammers, bombs, meat, dolls

Favorite Flower Meaning:

Repetitive Thoughts

Least Favorite:



"Fatal Mayor Georg"
Fire, Shadow, Justice, Hope

Greeting Statements:

  • Greetings.

Gifts Statements:

  • Love: Excellent. I knew you would pull through.
  • Like: Thank you.
  • Hate: How atrocious.
  • Repeat Gift: Your memory must not be very good. You gave me this recently.


Affection Sidequests:

Get: nothing

Meet Mayor Georg

  • Starts Chapter 1
  • Walk into Central Park
  • Get a cutscene where Mayor Georg welcomes you
  • He then has to go to tend to business
  • He now stays in his house on the first floor

  • His affection sidequest is tied in with Sylphy's sidequest (see Sylphy character page)

Am I Up To The Task

  • Talk to Georg
  • He is worrying himself sick
  • Sylphy intervenes and gathers the townspeople
  • The townspeople rally together to save their town of Rhoan