Locations of Exploration Points in Grana Plains

Note: These are translated from the japanese wiki of Avalon Code,

They are edited and verified. Credit to Porcupine001 of the Gamefaqs board for the location of the japanese wiki.

Sunny Hill

  1. Hilltop to the left of the square statue
  2. Hilltop to the right of the square statue
  3. Hilltop on the far right side
  4. Tree in the middle of the hill


Grana Plains 1

  1. The entrance to the ruins
  2. Western rock, close to the west rock wall.
  3. West rock, close to center, just south east of #2
  4. Southmost rock.
  5. Northeast rock.

Grana Plains 2

  1. Rock at the very center of the map, just north of the road.
  2. Grass which is south west of the northmost rock.
  3. Grass, just east of center, south of the road.

Grana Plains 3

  1. Most southeastern rock
  2. A little north of the left corner of the rock wall.
  3. Just a little northeast of the most northeast rock.

Grana Plains 4

  1. North end, along the rock wall, close to the center of the map but to the left
  2. North end, along the rock wall, on the right side
  3. Rock at the left side, just south of the road
  4. Northeast of #3, in the middle of the road
  5. Grass close and right to the line between the two pages, south of the road, you can see it on the map.

Grana Plains 5

  1. Patch of grass directly southwest of northeastern rock that you can step on
  2. Most southern rock you can see on the map.
  3. Most western rock you can't step on.
  4. From #3, go east until you run into a patch of grass. It is the 1st grass patch you run into southeast from that.

Grana Plains 6

  1. Start where the crease meets the north edge of the road. Go east until you see the first light green grass.
  2. From #1, directly west until you reach the edge of the screen. It is just to the west of the small dark green grass.
  3. From the writing in the south east, head west, cross the crease in the map until you see a large patch of light green grass north of you. It is located in the middle of that patch of grass.

Grana Plains 7

  1. The small rock located in the middle of the screen, all the way to the west.
  2. The rock located just northeast of #1
  3. The rock located on the east side of the map, a bit south.

Grana Plains 8

  1. Close to the center of the map but a little north, the grass on the right side of the road.
  2. On the right of the map, to the right of #1 and a little lower. Of the first three grass patches, the southeast most one when facing north.
  3. On the right of the map, close to the bottom of the screen. From the little rock pile, go southeast. It is basically on the words on the map, on a darker green patch of grass.

Grana Plains 9

  1. Southmost part of the map, the lowest patch of grass to the left of the road.
  2. Northwest part, southeast of the rock, the right end of the grass.
  3. The right side of the road, directly east of the #2's position. It is a small patch of light coloured grass.

Three-Way Road Ruins

  1. Left pillar of the ruins.
  2. Right pillar of the ruins.
  3. The crack on the cylindrical part of the ruins.

Grana Plains 10

  1. A small pile of rocks.To the left of the path, south of where the path begins to curve to the right.
  2. Most northwest point, a small patch of grass surrounded by four patches of grass.
  3. Northeast part of the map, a rock you can walk on. (Black Saber Metalize).

Grana Plains 11

  1. rock right under the lilne between pages, you can see it on the map
  2. rock southwest of #1, halfway between the line between pages and the end of the map
  3. rock southeast of #2, near the bottom of the map

Grana Plains 12

  1. large rock in the northwestern part, close to the middle
  2. middle of the cliff, on the east side, about 3 paces south from #1
  3. large rock at the south of the map, just east of the line between the pages

Grana Plains 13

  1. Middle west rock (1).
  2. Middle east rock (2).
  3. Northwest rock (3).
  4. South most rock (4).
  5. Northeast rock (5).

Grana Plains 14

  1. Rock farthest to the northwest
  2. Rock farthest to the southeast
  3. lone tuft of grass about 6 paces south and 1 pace east of #1