"A foreign psychic in town. So good at her readings, she's called a curse-using witch, which many fear. Loves freedom, and despite the strange looks she gets, she's perfectly content doing what she wants."

—Book of Prophecy


Locked Code:

A foreign psychic in town. So good at her readings, she's called a curse-using witch, which many fear. Loves freedom, and despite the strange looks she gets, she's perfectly content doing what she wants.

Changes per actions/storyline:

Doesn't mind that she's called the Witch of Fog, nor that people don't understand that she did it for the sake of the town.

Unlocked Code:

Became master of Southern Flight School of daggers, one of the 4 Great Schools. Years ago, she was tempted by Olly in the desert, and opened a sealed door, which unleased a disaster. Ellie lost her magic, and Anwar lost his heart. Unable to stay in the desert, she came to Rhoan. By apologizing to Ellie, Nanai gave up the regrets of her past and was truly free for the first time.


Nanai is the grandchild of Ellie and a witch. Nanai didn't want to accept an inheritance to become a shaman and wanted to change her fate. In order to do that, she trusted Olly, Ellie's sister and learned about black magic. Olly let Nanai and Anwar open a sealed door behind which the sword "Anwar" was hidden. This led to a catastrophe, in which Ellie lost her magic and Anwar lost his heart. Feeling guilty, Nanai fled to Rhoan. Later on, Nanai apologies to Ellie and gets set free.


Nanai is tall, with wavy, vibrant red hair and narrow, lime green eyes. She wears an indigo cape with gold embroidery and a metal shirt that exposes her midriff. On her neck is a brown choker, a blue gem tied with a gold ribbon placed on it. She wears a headscarf that matches her cape and a gold ferronnière on her forehead; she also wears a brown skirt, with a bag hanging across her waist that probably contains potion ingredients, and high-heeled brown boots. There are bangles on her right hand and a gold anklet on her right boot.


Nanai seems cold, mysterious, and distant at first sight, but later on she reveals her weaknesses and gets nicer. She just wants to help people with her advice, because she knows how it feels to be guilty. She truly enjoys being free and doing what she wants and doesn't care about the opinion of others, as shown by how she creates barriers to protect the town of Rhoan from monsters (even though the townsfolk consider her a wicked witch) and has no desire to tell people that she's doing it, even though it might cause them to treat her better.


Starts with Wisdom x1, Fish x1, Silver x2, Copper x2


Swords, projectiles, hair decorations, glasses, wings, bottles


Hammer, headbands, belts

Favorite Flower Meaning:

Going With The Flow

Least Favorite:



"Burning Psychic Nanai"
Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Fire, Silver, Silver

Greeting Statements:

  • Welcome ...

Gift Statements:

  • Love: Why, thank you!
  • Like: I'll take it if you're offering.
  • Hate: I really... don't need this.


Affection Sidequests:

Get: Shadow Fang

Meet Nanai

  • She will not be in her house until after you cure Guri Guri
  • She will "rescue" you from arrest for supposedly using witchcraft to save Guri Guri at the Castle Gates
  • Then she will imprison you herself once she gets you back to her house
  • Complete Witch's Hidden Dungeon to progress the storyline

Unlock the ability to give her presents

  • Give her the Shaman Pendant from Witch Ellie when you return from the Western Desert (during chapter 5)
  • You don't have to make the Shaman Pendant, it will pop up on the screen as a choice to give her

Get the cutscene of Nanai protecting the town/purple

  • spells/people scared of her/follow her several times
  • At the end you will discover she is setting spells to protect the people and the town from monsters

Give gifts till her points are 2000+

  • Talk to her for cutscenes or don't talk and get cutscenes at a later time after you already have the Shadow Fang
  • Then back to her house

Get cutscene (Apology/finally free)

  • She wants to tell you her history
  • Say you will listen
  • She asks you if she should apologize for the damage she caused Ellie
  • Say yes
  • On-screen statement says to unbind her Bind code with Passionate title, BUT it is not the Passionate title that unbinds her. Use the Burning title instead.
  • Unlock Bind code
  • You can now unlock Anwar's Void code if he didn't get sucked up by the tornado


  • In-game text says to unlock with Passionate title, but Passionate is for unlocking Sylphy. Nanai is unlocked with the Burning title.
  • Nanai loves White Wings (points up over 100) and she laughs but then displays the hate message. So, ignore the hate gift message because she gains points. (goes for other items, too. Pay rather attention to her points than to what she says)
  • Nanai is are a Tungusic people of the Far East, who have traditionally lived along Heilongjiang (Amur), Songhuajiang (Sunggari) and Ussuri rivers on the Middle Amur Basin.