Neaki (ネアキ Neaki) is the third of four elemental Book Spirits the player encounters in Avalon Code. She is bound to protect and serve the Book of Prophecy and its current wielder, and has been specifically tasked with bestowing upon newly-reborn worlds the concepts of ice, cold, quiet, winter, uncertainty, rest, and sadness.

Her Spirit Bookmark is initially found in Sealed Domain, the final chamber of Tornaq Ice Cavern, deep-frozen in magical ice. Melting the ice triggers the release of Sword Demon Amorphes, main boss of Chapter 3.

At one point in the game, the protagonist is given the choice to align with one of four legendary Fighting Schools. Neaki does not advocate an apprenticeship with Northern Hammer, Southern Flight, Eastern Sword, or Western Bomb.


As the Spirit of Ice, Neaki has waterdrop-shaped pointy ears; ankle-length blue-and-purple hair that hangs in sections rather than strands; a large and small set of symmetrical, faceted, icicle-shaped horns; sizable yellow eyes and thick eyelashes, and chalky skin that borders on blue. Centered on her back is a multifaceted blue crystal or ice formation of unexplained function. She is somewhat short in stature when compared to the player, and her features exaggerated. She seems to like to stay smaller in scale than the average person, though she is shown in miniature less often than Rempo and Mieli, and while she appears to be a young girl of about fourteen or fifteen years, her true age is unknown. Her creation, and that of the other Book Spirits, possibly dates back millenia. In this respect, though she seems to be "younger" than two of her fellow Spirits and older than one, she may be considered a quadruplet.

Her neck is encased in a dark, quatrefoil-marked brace that limits her power, though she manages to diplay remarkable talent in battle nevertheless. She wears a veiled diadem of translucent ice spikes and five-pointed "snowflakes"; a diaphanous, layered minidress and matching slip; and white asymmetrical-length gloves with stylized snowflake cutouts and a ruffle at the wrists. In her right hand, she always bears a tall, icicle-like staff tipped with ice crystals. Her bangs are parted in the middle to reveal a snowflake tattoo or seal of unknown purpose.


"Ice Spirit with her voice sealed. She normally stays indifferent to everything. Her icy gaze makes it hard to tell what she is thinking."
- Avalon Code official English instruction booklet

As Avalon Code's writers are fond of pointing out, Neaki's friendship with the main character starts out almost entirely onesided--she is fiercely diffident, pessimistic, and possibly apathetic, and can be assumed to have acted the same way for millenia. She tends to dispense opinions freely and withhold her own ideas, almost spitefully in the beginning. Despite this strong persona, however, she will also defend things and individuals for which she cares strongly: the Book of Prophecy states that she can never bring herself to hate Mieli, though the two have very different personalities, and once the hero begins to succumb to the effects of Olly's Desert Curse, she appeals last (and quite genuinely, despite the heat).

Neaki's stoic exterior is balanced by a leaning toward the intellectual. Though magically deprived of her ability to speak, she waxes melancholy in multiple cutscenes, and may be less hasty to cast judgment internally than she would have others believe. Her relatively predictable relationships with Mieli and Ur contrast with the grievance-fraught ones she shares with the excitable Rempo and the protagonist.

She never speaks about the chains around her neck, whether because she accepts the player's platonic affections (and thus, willingly dispenses knowledge) at a rate inconvenient to the pace of the action or because she has given up hope of ever losing it.

In-Game TextEdit


"(Rempo's page... He's too hot-headed...)"

"(Mieli's page... like a gently breeze...)"

"(My Page.....)"

"(Ur's Page... Big-headed...)"

"(Thinking of something...?)"

"(I can't reach you...)"

"(Hmph, Is that so...)"

"(Is it that interesting...?)"

"(I have nothing more to teach... Don't worry, I know you'll be okay.)"

"(What are you doing...?)"

"(Finally, you're ready to go.)"

Combat abilitiesEdit

Jökull Splash

Neaki's basic-level Spirit Magic attack is called Jökull Splash, as per the incantation: "Jökull Splash! Freezing winds..."

When one of the Spirits' Spirit Magic buttons is tapped, Neaki prompts the player by asking, "(You need our power...?)" In the case of Jökull Splash, cut to a shot of her against a nondescript dark background with icy blue wind. She does a backflip, spins clockwise with her weapon-holding arm extended while scattering large snowflakes, stops while facing the camera, raises the same arm, and points across her body with the staff, sending large ice crystals offscreen to the viewer's right.

Poseidon Blizzard

Neaki's advanced-level Spirit Magic attack, which replaces her basic move and only becomes available after her shackles are removed, is called Poseidon Blizzard, as heard in its corresponding chant, "Poseidon Blizzard! Blow through..."


  • Neaki is one of the available bachelorettes.
  • To unlock her love confession, the player must raise her Code Point value to at least 3800/5000. The cutscene will trigger near this score.


  • The name "Neaki" comes from the Finnish "Näkki", a mythological variety of shapeshifting water spirit who is described as alternately appearing in humanoid form, dancing in celebration of Midsummer's eve, luring young children to water deaths, or possessing an attractive face and a repellent backside.
  • The names of her Spirit Magic attacks reference, respectively, the Old Norse word for "glacier", and Poseidon, mythological Greek god of the sea.
  • Because she is, essentially, a beautiful and pallid-skinned youth bearing a heavy weight around her neck, morbid fans may liken her appearance to that of a drowning victim and the subject of many a woeful traditional ballad.
  • Her overall visual design is similar to that of the diamond-dwelling spirit created in HACCAN's illustrated short story Eventyr - What the Diamond Discovered.
  • Neaki's Book entry comes directly after Rempo's in the final game, even though Mieli is the second Spirit found in the first half of the game and the third in the second half. This hints at a possible reordering of plot events prior to the final build of the game. Tornaq Ice Cavern may well have been the second "dungeon" rather than the third, which would move the protagonist's first meeting with Haochy, the revelation of Kullervo/Possessed Valdo's identity as failed Chosen One, and the war with Waisen story arc to an earlier point in the game.
  • While a new player may find her apathetic advice on choosing a Weapon School unhelpful, it should be noted that choosing to stay neutral will actually yield a raised ceiling on their later fistfighting skill level. As this information is unknown to the hero's party at the time, this is considered a hint on the part of the writers and not the character herself.
  • In 2008, she ranked fourth in popularity among Japanese fans of the game, according to the official website. It should be noted that the results posted there are displayed incorrectly only in Rempo's case, and that he and Neaki are not tied for fifth.


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