Lightning Dragon Perkele


6320 (with original codes)

Time Score

Need 3000+ to beat (for gold score)


10:00 minutes

Time Damaged Bonus


Scan Items

HP increaser, Demon Wings

"One of the 4 dragons Kullervo created. Sealed Ur and stole his power to create a disaster. An arrogant creature who looks down on all other beings. Looks like a fish as it swims in water, and fire lightning bolts. Beware its deadly rush attack, but it's weak to bombs during that time."

—Book of Prophecy


  • Weakness: Projectile
  • Resist:   All but projectile


  • Pages: 223-224
  • Original Title: Thunder Perkele
  • Original Codes: Lightning x6, Fish x2
  • Mental Map Upgrade Gains: Fish x2/2nd upgrade/4x4

Extra Info:

End of Chapter 7:

  • Beat this dragon to get back Ur
  • Paradise at Cloud's End (Great Spear of Mastema/Great Spire)
  • Gain missing Book pages, Demon Wings, New World Question 5
  • Spirit Restored: Ur
  • Pages Restored:  Great Spear of Mastema 1-21, Paradise at Cloud's End, Wargliss Fortress 1-7, Northern Battlefield, Waisen Empire Camp, Tornaq Ice Cavern 1-19, Sealed Domain
  • Exits: GSM 21/down

Strategy / Tips:

Both hard to Code Scan and hit. Only Projectiles (Blanderbuss, if you have it, does good damage) deal decent damage to it.
His attacks are very random, so be wary on his movements. His only opening is while he does his lightning attack (the camera slowly moves away, showing his full body). Attack him continuously until he drops the first bolt. Dodge all bolts then attack him again. Repeat.

You can only Code Scan him while he swims in the water. Any other attempts will result in a counter-attack. All his attacks deal 2 DMG. Lightning attacks damage you even if you are down.