Rempo (レンポ Renpo) is the first character the player encounters in Avalon Code and one of the four guardian elementals bound to protect and serve the Book of Prophecy and its current wielder. He is specifically tasked with bestowing upon newly-reborn worlds the concepts of fire, passion, summer, vigor, destruction, and invention. 


Throughout the game, and especially in the initial chapters, he serves as the player's guide and sidekick of sorts. He briefly explains menu options, offers colorful commentary whenever he sees fit, and never lacks a suggestion for his new friend, no matter the situation.

At one point in the game, the protagonist is given the choice to align with one of four legendary Fighting Schools. Rempo advocates an apprenticeship with town inventor Haochy, the head of Western Bomb .


As the Spirit of Fire, Rempo has pointed ears, a mass of unruly red hair held back in a queue, and outward-curving horns made of red-hot rock. His eyes are golden yellow with slit pupils, perhaps inspired by those of goats, and his eyebrows grow small and thick. He is somewhat short in stature when compared to the player, and his features exaggerated. He seems to like to stay smaller in scale than the average person. While he appears to be a young boy of about twelve or thirteen years, his true age is unknown; his creation, and that of the other Book Spirits, possibly dates back millenia. In this respect, though he seems to be the "youngest" of the four, he may be considered a quadruplet.

His arms are encased in dark, quatrefoil-marked metal shackles that he claims limit his power, though he manages to display remarkable talent in battle while bound nevertheless. He wears a midriff-baring top with fur-lined sleeves of leatherlike material and an asymmetrical, studded chest piece; voluminous studded and fur-lined trousers in a matching color, which recall the balloon pant minus the typical low crotch; and ribbed slip-on shoes that have more fur and a curling square toe. Rempo accessorizes with a pair of tapered earrings and a green belt, upon which are hung ornamented, gong-shaped metal discs.

He is never seen without a good deal of eye makeup.


"Fire Spirit with his arms sealed. Like his Spirit element, Rempo is hot-headed and quick to challenge any enemy on sight. He can be rather blunt and easily loses his temper when teased."
- Avalon Code official English instruction booklet

Rempo's temperament matches his element well--he is most accurately described as "fiery" and "spirited". His will tends to overpower others', and is usually action-oriented. He lives up to the cliché of "doing before thinking"--most of the thinking, rather than being omitted, simply comes in a clear second. As stated in his Book entry, he vastly prefers to skip the strategizing stage, pulling others right into engagements at his side and adjusting his plans on the fly with analyses made in the heat of battle. He displays an affinity for hiding in elemental form, though he does not use this ability for more than trivial purposes.

He claims that the shackles that bind him to the Book keep him from unleashing magnificent power, though he seems to have lost faith in their potential removal following Kullervo's catastrophic career. It may be speculated that his friendliness at the beginning of the game is either involuntary (meaning that he was created to guide the ininitiated new hero, always appears first, and cannot control his desire to be helpful) or the result of a close friendship with the failed previous Chosen One.

Rempo looks closes in age to Neaki, his equally temperamental Ice Spirit foil with whom he fights in a typical younger-brother manner. Mieli, the group's eternal peacemaker and older sister figure, recieves the least of his complaints. In the same familial vein, his relationship with Ur seems to be composed of half admiration and half resentment; while Ur and Rempo share the tendency to lecture the player (and, in the case of the latter, those around him), it is possible that Rempo specifically tailors his informative talks to fit a tone entirely unlike his fellow Spirit's.

The player should be cautioned not to take Rempo's advice lately, for while he is deficient at providing non-subjective words of wisdom, he is goal-oriented and will remain with the player throughout most of the game.

In-Game Text Edit

"I'll tell you what you need to know!"

"What's up?"

"Hey, you listening?"

"Don't tell me you fell asleep."

"This is my page! Heh heh..."

"This is Neaki's page! She's as cold as ice!"

"This is Ur's page! He's as loud as thunder!"

"This is Mieli's page! She's as relaxed as the forest!"

"All right! You ready to do it now?"

"Heh, heh! There's nothing left to say! You're free to do what you want!"

Combat abilitiesEdit

Helios Flame

Rempo's basic-level Spirit Magic attack is called Helios Flame, as per the incantation: "Go! Helios Flame!"

When one of the Spirits' Spirit Magic buttons is tapped, Rempo prompts the player by asking, "You gonna give 'em a blast?" In the case of Helios Flame, cut to a shot of him against a red, polygonal gradient background as he lifts his right arm above his head in a dramatic fashion and slams it into the ground below. The camera pans around him horizontally as he performs a one-arm handstand.

Prometheus Burst

Rempo's advanced-level Spirit Magic attack, which replaces his basic move and only becomes available after his shackles are removed, is called Prometheus Burst, as heard in its corresponding chant, "Prometheus Burst! Damn!"


  • Rempo is one of the available bachelors, a popular choice for new players. His affection value seems easier to raise than does Ur's, possibly as a developer prediction.
  • To unlock his love confession, the player must raise his Code Point value to at least 3800/5000. The cutscene will trigger near this score.
  • If the player has chosen Tia, he will ask to start a relationship after his shackles are removed postgame. He can be rejected at this point and later accepted by lowering the affection values of nearly all other bachelor characters, Ur included.


  • The name "Rempo" comes from the Finnish "Lempo", god of forests, misfortune, disease, nastiness, and also love. Lempo herded fire-breathing moose, and is typically portrayed as a malevolent figure to some degree. In addition, lempo is considered a mild profanity in the same language.
  • The names of his Spirit Magic attacks reference the mythological figures Helios, Greek god of the sun, and Prometheus, the titan who stole fire from the Greek pantheon and bequeathed it to mankind.
  • His overall visual design shares features with HACCAN 's illustration of the Secret of Mana character Primm.
  • Rempo's pant-and-footwear combination may have been intended to resemble a hot air balloon setup. Alternately, with its bold color, fur, minimal chest covering, turned-up toes, and bottom-heavy silhouette, it may remind some of an old-timey street performer's outfit.
  • In 2008, he ranked fifth in popularity among Japanese fans of the game, according to the official website. It should be noted that the results posted there are displayed incorrectly only in his case.


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