Rhoan Town (Kaelia)Edit

This is town the main character is from. Here, you will meet mostly everyone in the beginning. Towering over Rhoan Town is the royal Kaleilan castle, Franelle. Right next to the castle lies the mayor of Rhoan, Georg, an elf who is determined to keep his town safe at all the times, who often hosts the judgement link tournaments that Rhoan always throws.



There is not much information on Rhoan, but mainly on Kaelia.

Kaelia, the kingdom which Rhoan resides in, was founded over 500 years ago by a man named Xenoncross. Another 100 years later, the third king, Xenonride, invaded nearby lands. Kaelia grew for centuries, but soon lost much land. Then decades ago, the Waisen Empire was founded, they craved more power, leading themselves towards Kaelia. A peace treaty was in order, but a failed attempt on Valdo, Prince of the Waisen Empire, nullified it.

Soon, war broke out between the kingdom and the empire.


You, the main character play an important part in Rhoan. There are several side quests you can do here, which includes getting items for the town folks, finding flowers around the whole entire world map, then giving them to Kamui, or participating in judgement link competitions.

You can also buy items from Romaioni and Francesca's shop. During one of the later chapters, you will be kicked out of Rhoan, being falsely accused of destroying the town, but once you beat the game, everything will return to normal.

If you are using the romance feature in the game, you can also go to Vis to see who likes you and/or who you are closest with.


  • As with many other places, in Rhoan, if you earn all the CP in some areas, you will be given a metalize.
  • After some point in the game, you can go to the mayor's house and take a quiz, which will often resort in metalizes, then after, always 100 mystic jewels
  • Depending on if you befriend Valdo post-game, Kaelia and the Waisen Empire will slowly gain trust with one another, leading him to hang around in the audience chamber.