"The brother of Rhoan's snobby silblings. Looks down on the poor, and only cares about making money. Is always bragging about his fortune, but deep down, he has no guts and is a coward."

—Book of Prophecy


Beginning History:

The brother of Rhoan's snobby silblings. Looks down on the poor and only cares about making money. Is always bragging about his fortune, but deep down, he has no guts and is a coward.

Changes per action/storyline:


Ending History:



He and his younger sister Francesca live in the Center of Town of Rhoan and is running a Mystic Jewel shop, where you can buy Zeno-9-cards and metalize tablets as well as basic items. You can also play a Mini-game.


Romaioni has short, red hair, blue eyes and freckles. He wears a ochre-coloured jacket with red and silver sleeves. He also wears turquoise-yellow striped baggy trousers, red socks and brown shoes with silver buckles. He's got three bags attached to his belt: a brown flat one, a purple one looking like a big wallet and a big green one.


Romaioni is snobby, conceited and looks down on the poor. He only thinks about how to make the most money. He's always bragging about his fortune, but in reality, he is nothing but a coward. He pronounces "ll" as "w" sound in the game.


Bombs, projectiles, gold cookie


low-class things

Romaionis page in the Book of Prophecy

Favorite flower meaning:


Least favorite:

naive charm


"Secretive Siblings Romaioni"
Shadow, Shadow, Iron, Snake, Snake, Bug

Greeting Statements:

  • Well, hello there.

Gifts Statements:

  • Love: Pleasure!
  • Like: Aha! This is it! You're a life-saver!
  • Hate: Business sure is slow.
  • Repeat Gift: Keep giving me the same stuff, and I'll sell it off.


Affection Sidequests:

Get: Custom Booster, 9 Zeno-9 Cards

Romaioni in-game

Meet Romaioni

  • Starts Chapter 2
  • His sister, Francesca, will now be outside with him instead of inside Romaioni's House 1F

Psst, Want A Custom Booster?

  • Talk to Romaioni
  • Affection at least 2000+
  • May have to buy out his three shop shipments
  • Must have met Gim and gotten his request for an item that shoots fire from your back (Custom Booster)
  • Romaioni will "give" you a Customer Booster for a "donation" of 5000 Mystic Jewels

A House Destroyed

  • Starts Chapter 6
  • Must have Romaioni's and possibly Francesca's affection 2000+
  • Talk to Romaioni in front of Kamui's destroyed house
  • Romaioni will comment that their house is destoyed and they need to make more money to get a new one
  • He says he knows of someone that will buy Mystic Jewels for a high price
  • He gives you 100 Mystic Jewels to sell for him
  • Exit the screen and come back in
  • Talk to Romaioni
  • You give him the money for the jewels
  • He thanks you and gives you back 9 Zeno-9 Cards

A Shady DealEdit

Enetering the graveyard, Romaioni will be sneaking around. The protagonist notices this and hides. He enters Fro's hiding place where they seem to be bargaining about a stolen sword dthat used to be owned by the king and Romaioni wants to buy it. They soon notice the protagonist and Romaioni wants to know how much they heard. He then gives them 10 mystic jewls to stay quiet before leaving. Fro says that he sells off abandoned junk he finds at the castle.